Ground Knowledge

This is not Call of Duty, Battlefield, Planetside, Left 4 Dead, Payday, or absolutely any kind of shooter you can pull out of the big hat called the gaming industry. The experience you will receive in this division will never be like any kind of game you may have played. This is not drop in drop out gameplay. This is not a weekend wonder. Taking a slot in-game is taking a responsibility for the team.

Op Time (EST)

Peak Playercount

Average Playercount


Operator Level

We pride ourselves in tactical gameplay in an immersive environment. With that, you can expect to never have third person, no magical maps(it’s a piece of paper. Don’t expect it to track your location for you), minimal HUD, and realistic scenarios and encounters. Never will you see zombies here. Never will you be going between being on foot, flying an aircraft, and driving a tank all in one mission. Never will you be taking out multiple platoons of infantry with a sniper rifle, fighting hordes of enemy waves, or having the best optic for your assigned weapon system. These are features of Call of Duty titles. If this is what you want, then you will not enjoy yourself in this IRONFIST Division.

What you will be doing is taking part in simulated military operations that would be impossible to complete without the cooperation of your fellow squadmates. You will be taking on roles each with their own procedures and responsibilities to the player’s faction. You will learn military tactics and deploy them against a powerful enemy force. You will learn to operate with your fellow squadmates to accomplish tasks that would never be completed by a random group of people of the same head count or even more.


  • Game Content 52%
  • Maps 46%
  • Immersion, Utility, and Misc 2%
Game Content
  • RHS Escalation
  • 3CB BAF
  • Project Opfor
  • Additional custom in-house addons
  • CUP Terrains
  • Aliabad Region
  • PR Afghan Village
  • PR Fata
  • Fulljah
  • ToraBora
  • Napf (+Winter)
  • Celle 2
  • Isla Abramia
  • Isla Duala
Immersion and Utility
  • ACE3
  • ACRE2
  • CBA

We play with modern equipment. We chose to omit almost all A3 vanilla content. To mold the game the way we like, we use the Arma 3 Sync mod manager and a custom one-click-to-add collection of mods. We know the mod pack can be a pretty hefty download but if you like modern equipment as much as we do, it’s definitely worth it.

Modpack Size (GB)

Training and Operation Procedures

We require a Familiarization course to be taken by all recruits before they are considered for full membership. (If you need justification for why it is required, please review this thread). We will also ask that any friends of members who wish to play with us also take this course. All further training is optional and we do not require our members to attend further training after familiarization. Familiarization Training is scheduled on a needed basis. All other optional training is offered when ever we have instructors and course material available.

As we are a unit that focuses on tactics, standard operational procedures(SOP) are a must. As ARMA is a game heavily based on the analogy “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, everyone needs to be on board with our SOPs to fully benefit from them and ensure smooth and effective operating. For a 24/7 knowledge base, refer to the SOP Database section of the forums.

Game Time!

Official weekly session is Saturday at 1900 hrs EST (7pm) and the game night runs for however long people are up for more (can go from 7pm-11pm or sometimes 1/2am). Our server is up 24/7 and anyone can use the steam group to organize any pick-up game anytime of the week. Do note that if you are in the FOB channel in teamspeak updating your modpack, we will not wait on you to launch the next mission. Have your modpack updated and ready to go before the start time.

As always, stay tactical, have fun, and get shit done.

This ARMA unit was built on the mentality of keeping ARMA a game and not a second job. There is a line crossed by other Units in the ARMA community with mandatory attendance quotas. This is not the case here. If you can play, we would love to see you in-game. However, if you can’t make for what ever reason, no worries. Things come up, we understand. We’ll see you on the next week.